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Autor Wątek: Zadania :) Proszę o pomoc, krótkie zdania, wpisać słowa.  (Przeczytany 8054 razy)

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« : Maj 17, 2011, 19:05:45 »

1 Complete the text using the correct form of the
verbs in brackets.

Scientists are very worried about the effects
of global warming. If the ice in the Arctic and
Antarctic regions 1____________ (melt), sea
levels 2____________ (rise) and cause severe
floods. People who now live in coastal areas
3____________ (lose) their homes. It
4____________ (also affect) the temperature of
the sea. If the sea 5____________ (get) colder,
the northern half of the world 6____________
(freeze). There would be incredible snow storms
and millions of people 7____________ (die).

2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of
the verbs in the box.
build communicate work help smoke
be take

1 If we all recycled our rubbish, it ____________
the environment.
2 If he ____________, he wouldn’t cough so
3 If we ____________ smaller houses, we would
use less energy.
4 If we all spoke two or three languages, we
____________ better with people from other
5 If I ____________ the 10.30 a.m. train, I’d be
in London by lunchtime.
6 If motorists had to pay another road tax, they
____________ furious.
7 If we ____________ so much and relaxed
more, we’d be a lot happier!

3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of
the verbs in brackets.

1 I wish I ____________ (speak) another
2 I wish you ____________ (be) so tired. We
could go out for a walk.
3 I wish I ____________ (have) enough money to
buy that new coat in Zara.
4 I wish I ____________ (can) go to the concert
with you, but I’ve got too much work.
5 I wish we ____________ (live) so near the
railway station. It’s very noisy.
6 I wish I ____________ (be) on holiday in a hot
and sunny place right now!

4 Complete the sentences with the correct words
in the box.
devastation eruption protection
prediction destruction

1 The ____________ of a volcano can cause a
2 Scientists’ ____________ is that climate
change will get worse in ten years.
3 Hurricane Katrina caused ____________ in
New Orleans in 2005.
4 We must give some animals ____________ so
they can survive.
5 The fire caused the ____________ of an old

5 Choose the correct answers.
1 There will be a terrible war / famine in Africa
next year if there is no rain soon.
2 Many people in big cities are still living in
homelessness / poverty.
3 A lot of crime these days is a result of
racism / disease.
4 Pollution / Homelessness is a big problem
and the government should provide special
places for street people to live.
5 People become involved in poverty / terrorism
for different reasons.

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« : Maj 17, 2011, 19:05:45 »

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