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Autor Wątek: Rating of teams participating in Summer Split 2021  (Przeczytany 115 razy)

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Rating of teams participating in Summer Split 2021
Meta in League of Legends gives a decent advantage. We are happy to share advanced information about how meta works on roles: top, forest, mid, bot, sap. It is easier to raise the rank in League of Legends on the strongest champions than on non-standard peaks.
Camilla is the most versatile champion on the top. Feels good both on the splitpush and in team battles. In the late stage of the game, it can be played both as a straightforward engage for the team, and as a flanking assassin of enemy carries. Has a lot of good and skill-matchups. Here you can see a mini-guide from Gambit toplainer.
Renekton is the strongest bruiser on the lane phase. Feels great against almost all melee champions in the current meta on top. With the help of an early advantage, you can disperse and finish the game alone.
Rating of teams participating in Summer Split 2021 https://betting-leader.com/rating-of-teams-participating-in-summer-split-2021/
Taam kench — the new iteration of this champion combines everything that was before, but now still has a teleporter on the line and hits even harder.
Gwen is the new champion from Riot Games, 200 years of design again. On the top, you can take in the blind. It has no strong counterpicks. Suffers only if there is no control in his team.
Gnar is the king of Wickside. Champion is perfect for games where the team wants to play around the bot and when you don't want to depend on the forester. The range of auto attacks and the ability to jump out of any incomprehensible situation makes this hero the most independent in the current meta on the top.
Gragas is the most brilliant champion in the current meta on top. If you want to make Synapse montages in every second game, then feel free to take it. Here you will find a gradually updated guide to the matchups of AP Gragas.
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« : Listopad 14, 2021, 00:01:06 »

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