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Autor Wątek: Bethune Replica DB28T CALIBER DB 2019 42.6mm DB28T white steel watch  (Przeczytany 2758 razy)

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Super Deals De Bethune DB28T CALIBER DB 2019 42.6mm DB28T white steel Replica watch

The detail this watch information as follow:

Ref. No: DB28T white steel

Case: titanium /gold

Diameter: 42.60mm

Strap: leather

Movement: hand-wound

Size: Men

deals4uwatches.com Inside ticks of course an in-house movement, like with all (modern) De Bethune timepieces, and these are not ‘just’ in-house movement, but offer much more. In previous articles I have called Denis Flageolet, the master watchmaker and co-founder, the ‘mad professor’ because of the unprecedented developments, world firsts and the ten patents that are filed by the Manufacture since its inception in 2002. He has used various (innovative) materials to improve the main spring barrels, balance, balance spring and the shock absorption system for the escapement. Mind you, this is quite an achievement for such a small manufacture! While the calibre of the original DBS was already packed with innovations, the new DBS features some of the newest innovations. The DBS 2005-2015 features a silicon and white gold balance wheel and a silicon escape wheel. Visible through a small aperture in the case back is the power reserve indicator that shows how much remains of the 6-day power reserve of this manually wound movement, calibre DB2115.What they share, is the white gold case, with remarkable cone-shaped lower lugs and the crown at 12 o’clock, that measures 45 mm by 42.5 mm. The pivoting gold plate connecting the strap (at the 12 o’clock position) and the case middle, actually was the forerunner of what would later become known as floating lugs - a brilliant system of moving lugs that guarantee Comfort with a capital C; we described it extensively in our recent review of the DB28 Black Matte.

luxurywatchstock.com For comparison, the 10th anniversary limited edition (calibre DB2019) is equipped with a 30-second tourbillon that vibrates at 36,000 vph. This ‘hi-beat’ tourbillon is ideal for a wristwatch and is amazingly light at 0.18 grams for a total of 63 parts. De Bethune is known for its groundbreaking technological innovations - the company holds a number of patents - and also for its quite remarkable design. Both the technical aspects, as wel as the aesthetics, can be seen as an eclectic mix of classic Haute Horlogerie and state-of-art futuristic mechanics. Style-wise they probably lean more towards classic and certainly cannot be called sporty. That is, until now. De Bethune now introduces the DB28GS, the sporty one of the collection. In the world of proper high-end watches, there are simply just a handful of sports watches. The vast majority of real high-end watches are either classic dress watches or feature one, two or more complications. And let us immediately make clear that a Panerai or IWC with an in-house movement is certainly a beautiful watch, however in our book it’s no ‘haute de gamme’, as the French call it. So what De Bethune introduces here is in more than one way a rare timepiece. A true high-end watch, with all characteristics one could/should expect from a sports watch.Again something that both the DBS ref. 2005-2015 and the 10th anniversary limited edition have in coming is the dial. Or actually the lack of a dial. Like on the DB28 Black Matte that we reviewed recently, the dial is actually an opening that reveals the beauty of the anthracite deltoid-shaped bridges that subtly decorated by hand. The hour markers are spherical steel indicators, hand-polished and blued using the age-old flame-blueing technique, held by a titanium annular bridge. On the far outskirts is a ‘minuterie’ or minute index.

replica watches for sale The DB28 GS is the first De Bethune to come on a rubber strap, which is even integrated into the open parts of the floating lugs. The “microlight” decoration of the bridges, comes back in the pattern of the natural rubber strap, which is closed by a matching tang buckle in titanium. The lugs pivot at 3 and at 9 o’clock, and follow the wrist’s shape, to ensure a maximum wearing comfort. Other ‘ingredients’ that contribute to the superior comfort is the titanium case, which measures 44 by 11 mm, and which is of course very light due to the nature of its material.As you can see, the dial is different. Yes, there’s a central hour hand and a central minute hand, and no second hand. A dial is simply absent, but the bidges are beautifully adorned by so-called microlight decoration, and so is the main plate. The deltoid-shaped bridge is black polished to a mirror finish, and so is the balance bridge that also features the De Bethune patented Triple pare-chute shock-absorbing system. This bridge, which stretches from the 4 o’clock to the 8 o’clock position, holds the silicon/white gold balance with flat terminal curve balance-spring (also patented) in place. The latter ensures an ideal inertia to mass ratio for an optimal frequency of 28,800 vph. It is also the brand’s first wrist watch that is water resistant to a depth of 100 meters. That does not per se make it a dive watch, but you can feel free to jump into the ocean with the DB28GS strapped to your wrist. De Bethune is used to create some of the most futuristic watches around. Take a look at the De Bethune DB28 Dark Shadows or at the De Bethune Dream Watch Black and you’ll easily see our point here. As futuristic is the design (of both the cases, dials but also the movements), mechanically we’re in front of pure classical high-end horology. One of the latest creation of the brand takes these roots back on stage and mixes them with a pre-Columbian inspiration, a Mesoamerican deity depicting a feathered serpent. Beware of the snake, here is the De Bethune DB25 Quetzalcoatl.

Richard Mille Watches Replica De Bethune’s DB2115 calibre measures 30mm in diameter, and comprises 262 individual parts. The finishing and decorations have all be done by hand and are of superb quality, like all De Bethune watches. The bridges with De Bethune microlight motif hold the double self-regulating barrels (yes, again patented by De Bethune) in place and together deliver 6 days of autonomy, when fully wound. While the power reserve indicator is on the reverse side, there’s also a small blue hand at the 3 o’clock position that tells you whether the main spring is fully wound or not. The patents for the curve of the balance-spring as well as the annular balance, featuring maximum inertia and minimal weight, composed of a disc made of open-worked silicon (a light material in the centre) and white gold (a heavy material on the exterior), all present significant technical advances contributing to the performance and precision of this in-house designed and manufactured movement.On the wrist the new sporty De Bethune isn’t exactly the smallest watch, so expect it will perfectly slide underneath your cuffs. Its diameter is a hefty 44 mm, however for a sports watch is not thick, with just 11 mm. Its looks are stealthy, über-technical and futuristic and that matches very well with the sporty character. And the floating lugs are so ingenious that I’m amazed that no one else ever thought of this before. Really brilliant! Again a beautiful creation from De Bethune that steps away from “just a watch with 2 or 3 hands” and becomes modern horological art.

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